This fireplace stone was refinish to make it look more lively.  See what some artisitic staining stain did to makeover this stone brick fireplace.

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An exterior brick staining project after completion. To see the before picture of the dull brick that it was before, visit


Does your brick need a makeover?


No matter how dark your brick is...

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If you are looking for a unique and cost effective way to change the colors and appearance of your fireplace brick or stone, Brick Transformers has the solution. Without the look of painted brick or the cost of brick refacing, we’ll tailor and apply our custom finishes to transform your fireplace into a work of art. Please browse our site to see examples of our past projects and satisfied customers and please feel free to call us to discuss how we can help you with your brick transformation project.


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  1. Transformed brick looks natural, not painted.

  2. Customized colors compliment your home's decor.

  3. Interior & Exterior

  4. No mess.

  5. No harsh chemicals or odors.

  6. Lifetime Warranty.

  7. Affordable & smart alternative to brick refacing and other options.

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